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B Corp certified

at your own pace

Online course

This online course is for employees, managers, or owners of companies that aim to become B Corp certified and improve the impact of their respective companies.


By creating a clear game plan, sharing different models of documentation required by B Corp, and with one-on-one meetings, you will be able to complete the certification process at your own pace.

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25 hours


1200 $


  • Models of document required by B Corp

  • One-on-one meetings

  • Videos

An online course that will allow you to redefine success in business.

Following the course, you will be able to: 

  • Put into place a structure based on transparency, social, environmental and ethical good practices.

  • Foster the personal and professional growth of their employees, as well as their well-being throughout concrete initiatives

  • Implement a clear strategy to structure the impact on the community in need

  • Implement concrete actions to improve the ecological footprint of their business

  • Engage their team on a journey that will improve their business’s impact

I built this online course to help organizations to get through the B Corp process in a structured and effective way.

Thomas Ferland

Founder of Boite Pac

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