Through our several collaborations, we realized that many businesses were looking for concrete ways to improve their social and environmental impact, interactively.


That's where our workshop idea came to life. We travel to your offices and offer a workshop where, together, we reflect on tangible ways to improve your business' social and environmental impact.


Through these workshops, we also introduce you to the B Corp certification, a tool that can help structure your transition to a more responsible business model.


After the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Identify the impact that your company has on its environment 

  • Develop solutions to improve the impact of your business

  • Understand what the B Corp certification is all about

  • Know the steps to start the certification process

Intended participants

These workshops are for company managers and employees in the private, public, and NPO sectors who wish to improve their social and environmental impact as a company.


Duration: 1:30

Limited spots : 15



If you want to improve your impact through an interactive experience, fill out this form to set up a meeting!

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